Rocky Mountain
Missionary Baptist Church
“A Church
Building from
the Inside Out”
The Rocky Mountain Missionary Baptist Church was organized in
1889 in what was known as Echo Valley, located approximately
two (2) miles east northeast of the present site behind the

After our 120th church anniversary in September 2009, 2010 we
continue to be “A Church Building From The Inside Out.” In
October and November not a lot of activities for Rocky Mountain,
but 53 members from RMMBC did journey to Beona Louisiana
for their fall musical. December 2009 RMMBC we had a watch
meet service with Rev. Billy Burris and the St. Peter’s Rock
Baptist along with Rev. William Fields and The Pilgrim Valley
Baptist Church. There was testifying, prayer, praise, and
breakfast. After all of that we took a look back at the year of 2009
which included a DVD of some of the activities at RMMBC from
our own Deacon Marcus McDonald. Deacon McDonald is the
best for capturing great shots of people. When the year changes
to 2010 we lost Mother Ethel Creggett and the RMMBC family
was sadden, but in honor of her we named class #2 the RMMBC
Adult Women’s Class as The Mother Ethel Creggett Sunday
School Class. In March 2010, we celebrated Rev. Kenneth W.
Myers Sr. and Family’s 2nd Anniversary with The Rocky Mountain
Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Myers came with a VISION of a
new church. There has been meeting with bankers, contractors,
engineers, and members of RMMBC. On Tuesday, September
14, 2010 soil was taken from the land for soil-testing and in the
next weeks there will be surveying of the land. THANK YOU

Sis. Toni Rose announced for pledges from all members for the
next (2) two years after meeting with the bank. Pledge forms
were passed out to each member to sign and pledge the  
amount that they could pay every week or by the month starting
June 2010. On August 30, 2009 we had the dedication ceremony
for the Rev. Cleo Austin Fellowship Hall in honor of the late Rev.
Cleo Austin.  Sis. Toni Rose asked for building fund donations
and we collected and total of $1565.00 during the dedication of
the Fellowship Hall. Today for the 121st Church Anniversary, in
the Rev. Cleo Austin Fellowship Hall, we have collected a total of
$14,353 through building fund donations. On June 14, 2010
RMMBC Rock Camp was organized by Rev. Kenneth W. Myers,
Sis. Elaine Brown, and Sis. Toni Rose. RMMBC Rock Camp is a
summer feeding program for children in Southwest Little Rock
and the Pulaski County area. The program was a big success
with the help of very good staff members and volunteers that were
at Rock Camp daily, 8:00a.m until 1:00p.m. The program
continued until September 30, 2010. On September 7, 2010
Rocky Mountain started an after school tutoring program for all
school aged children, this program was organized under Rev.
Kenneth W. Myers, Sis. Joyce Ellis, Sis. Ulonda Ellis, Bro.
Cornelius smith, Sis. Debra Smith, & Sis. Carmen Howard along
w/ the Rock Camp feeding staff—Mother Margie Quinn, Mother
Erma Smith, Sis. Hattie Crisp, Sis. Janice Quinn, and Sis. Linda

As of today, we have (3) three men for Deacon Trainees and they
are Bro. Billy Raymond, Bro. Charles Harris and Bro. Lee Troy
Terrell. (2) Two Deaconess Trainees; Sis. Shenetta Terrell & Sis.
Sheri Raymond. We have (3) three more Jr. Deacons; Bro. Tyler
Terrell, Bro. Brandon Wilkerson, & Bro. Bobby Brown Jr.
Starting from October 2009 until Sunday, September 19, 2010
there has been (2) two testimonies, (5) five dedication of children,
(2) two re-dedications, (6) six for prayer, (33) thirty-three
membership under christian experience, (22) twenty-two came for

On today, September 26, 2010 The Rocky Mountain Missionary
Baptist Church celebrate 121 years, where we continue to be “A
Church Building from The Inside Out” The vision is real.

Written in 2010
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